Saturday, February 18, 2012

My First REAL Blogging Conference

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In a few days I'll be boarding a plane with The Husband and leaving sunny southern California behind for a town that I just adore, Nashville.  The first time I visited this adorable city, was with him last year for his Eastern Conference Hockey Tour Christmas gift.  Nashville was the first city on our five city tour and I just fell in love.  I'm really looking forward to getting to visit again.  

I am a little nervous though.  I'll be attending my first blogging conference, Blissdom 2012.  I purchased my ticket well over 6 months ago.  Up 'til now, I've been anxiously awaiting the experience.  And now that it's almost here...well, I've got a mild case of cold feet.  

I don't consider myself to be a natural networker.  And, I assume that networking is going to be a BIG part of this event.  If someone approaches me and asks me a question, I can answer it and probably keep a decent conversation going with little difficulty.  However, being expected to approach people by myself and initiate a conversation just terrifies me.  I'm starting to have that morning of a big speech at school feeling where you just prayed that you'd get sick and have to go home.  

I am pretty new to almost all forms of social media.  I just recently cracked the seal on this blog.  I use twitter and facebook for my business, But, I am just really getting started using both of them on a more regular basis.  I can honestly say I feel a little clueless and a lot scared.  Most of the women attending Blissdom have been blogging for a long time.  They tweet and post automatically.  They use lingo I have yet to comprehend.  I guess I am what my 16 year old refers to as a "total newb."{Insert sigh here}

Lots of people will say life is about the journey and not the destination.  I get it.  I think I'm going to put myself to bed tonight with the idea that this experience is going to be life changing and that there's nothing to be afraid of.  These women are traveling from all over to be with other women, me included.  They are probably feeling a lot of the same feelings I am feeling....wondering what to pack, which shoes won't give them blisters, getting a few butterflies and  wondering how they'll get everything done before they leave.  

I need to remind myself that this is something I GET to do, not something I HAVE to do.  I GET to hear Michael Hyatt speak, a guru on Intentional Leadership.  I GET to see Rascal Flatts perform.  I GET to meet all kinds of new friends and learn all kinds of new things.  THAT is what I am going to tell myself as I hit the pillow.  

What are you choosing to tell yourself?  The good or the bad.  Remember, you have a choice.  So remember to choose good.  


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